Who are the Capel Community Trust

The Community Trust (Trust) is a registered charity responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Village Hall complex and playing field on behalf of the village.

Funds raising by the Trust pays for the running costs facilities, the playing field being funded mostly through the rates administered by the Trust. If the Trust did not exist then this work would have to be undertaken by the Parish Council and as a result it would mean that the local contribution to the council tax would probably treble.

What are the aims of the Trust?

The aims shall be the provision and maintenance of recreation ground and community centre for the use of the inhabitants of the Parishes of Capel St Mary and Little Wenham and the neighbourhood thereof (hereinafter called "the area of benefit") without distinction of political, religious or other opinions, including use for meetings, lectures and classes, and for other forms of recreation and leisure-time occpation, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants. As stated in the Charity Commissioners letter of appointment Sealed 3rd July 1992.

Amendment to Trust constitution